Guy Danielson, MD

Guy Danielson, MD

Practical Experience

Dr. Guy Danielson is the founder of Integrative Health Matters, the first practice of its type in the area. He is a trailblazer in functional and regenerative medicine and has been a Board Certified Neurosurgeon in Tyler for over 40 years. During his practice in Neurosurgery, Guy always maintained an interest in the holistic medicine approach. Guy has completed all of the functional medicine courses through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Journey to Integrative Health

Guy began practicing functional medicine in 2015 after seeing its success in the healing of a family member. After seeing firsthand the power of a different medical approach, he wanted to open a functional medicine clinic in Tyler. His passion and drive was further spurred after watching the documentary, FOOD Inc. Through it he saw even more clearly the negative impact that our environment and food has on the human body. This sparked his journey to collaborate and learn from the biggest influential leaders in functional medicine.


Guy is dedicated to putting healing back into healthcare. The same things that make Guy unique make IHM unique. He is patient centered, this means we spend a lot of time with our patients and pay attention to their entire story, including their environment and lifestyle. He considers his patients and equal and a friend, creating a deep connection with them. Guy enjoys spending time with his patients to get to know their life journey, not just their ailments.


Guy is an enthusiastic fan of OU football. He enjoys Heli-skiing and has covered over several million feet! His music preference ranges from the classics to the new stuff. Guy has raced cars and has a passion for photography (many of his photos are in the office). Guy is also a veteran of the Vietnam War and was later stationed at Clark Airforce Base and was the Chief Neurosurgeon of the Pacific Fleet.

Combined, Guy and his wife Sheri have 6 children and 8 grandchildren. He has personally strived for excellence and taught his family this skill. All of his adult children are entrepreneurs.